CoMet 3.0 Tropics

Carbon Dioxide and Methane Mission for HALO 3.0 Tropics

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Persons in Charge


 Andreas Fix, German Aerospace Center, Institute of Atmospheric Physics (DLR-PA), Oberpfaffenhofen

Mission coordinator​

 Andreas Fix, German Aerospace Center, Institute of Atmospheric Physics (DLR-PA), Oberpfaffenhofen

Contact point at DLR-FX for this mission:

HALO Project Management: Andreas Minikin

Postal address:
DLR Oberpfaffenhofen
Flugexperimente (FX)
Münchener Str. 20
82234 Weßling

Office phone:
+49 (0)8153 28-2538

HALO Deployment Base

Time Period

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Project description

The CoMet 3.0 Tropics mission will succeed the missions CoMet and CoMet 2.0 Arctic. Here, we will target biomass burning areas, where quantifying emission changes is complicated since emissions are dispersed over large areas, with emission rates that vary significantly inter-annually. The campaign will take place in a spring-season in Brazil.

The current paucity of appropriate observational datasets presents a large obstacle to improve our understanding and ability to model global wetlands. It is therefore generally accepted that aircraft measurements, in combination with chemical transport models, will help to reduce the uncertainty of global wetland CH4 emission estimates. Such data sets on large spatial scales, to complement local measurements and data from an emerging fleet of GHG measuring satellites, are still rare. Here, they will be used for an inverse modelling approach using high resolution atmospheric models (e.g., WRF), in combination with wetland models for regional budgeting.


    • German Aerospace Center, Institute of Atmospheric Physics (DLR-IPA)
    • Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry (MPI-BGC)
    • University of Bremen – Institute for Environmental Physics (IUP)
    • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München, Meteorological Institute Munich (MIM)
    • German Aerospace Center, Flight Experiments (DLR-FX)

Scientific instruments and payload configuration

  • List of scientific instruments for the mission:

DescriptionPrincipal investigatorInstitution
CHARM-FIntegrated path differential absorption lidar (IPDA)Andreas FixDLR-IPA
MAMAPImaging NIR SpectrometerHeinrich BovensmannUniv. Bremen
Mini-DOASUV/VIS/NIR SpectrometerKlaus PfeilstickerUniv. Heidelberg
JIGCavity-Ringdown Spectroscopy (CRDS)Christoph GerbigMPI-BGC
JASAir samplerChristoph GerbigMPI-BGC
MIRACLELaser SpectrometerAnke RoigerDLR-IPA
specMACSHyperspectral ImagingFlorian EwaldDLR-IPA
BAHAMASBasic aircraft measurement systemAndreas GiezDLR-FX
DropsondesMeteorological dropsondesStefan KaufmannDLR-IPA
FOKALFrequency CombAndreas FixDLR-IPA

Cabin and exterior configuration of HALO for the mission

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HALO flights for this mission

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D-ADLRDatehh:mm:ss - hh:mm:sshCODE - CODE4
D-ADLRDatehh:mm:ss - hh:mm:ssh
D-ADLRDatehh:mm:ss - hh:mm:sshCODE - CODE6
D-ADLRDatehh:mm:ss - hh:mm:sshCODE - CODE7
D-ADLRDatehh:mm:ss - hh:mm:sshCODE - CODE8
D-ADLRDatehh:mm:ss - hh:mm:sshCODE - CODE9
D-ADLRDatehh:mm:ss - hh:mm:sshCODE - CODE10
D-ADLRDatehh:mm:ss - hh:mm:sshCODE - CODE11

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