HALO-DB: The HALO database

  • The observations made with HALO entail a large amount of data of relevance to various scientific communities (atmosphere & climate, earth observation, geoscience). The HALO database, in short HALO-DB, is a data retrieval and long-term archiving system with a web front-end. It allows users to access a wide range of data based on, or related to, observations of the HALO research aircraft. The database is also used for sharing data of scientific missions involving DLR research aircraft other than HALO.
  • For direct entry into the HALO database follow this link:   HALO-DB
  • The web front-end of the database provides tools for (meta)data search, as well as for upload and download of primary data. Data are searchable mainly in terms of missions (projects) or data sources (instruments, models). Alternatively, a powerful and intuitive search tool „Data Detective“ can be used. Database users may sign up for daily e-mail notifications on changes to datasets of the missions they are associated with.

    Currently supported data formats within HALO-DB are: GTE, NASA Ames, NetCDF.

    Initial development of the database was done by the University of Leipzig, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) as part of the priority program SPP 1294. The database is now maintained by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen.

HALO-DB: The HALO database
  • The metadata of uploaded datasets are publicly available.

    Other functionality of HALO-DB is available to registered users only. To register, please send an informal e-mail with a short description of your objectives to the database manager (halo-db[at]dlr.de). Your account will be tied to the e-mail address provided.

    Users may upload or download primary data, if their HALO-DB account is signed up for the particular mission. One needs to contact a PI or Admin of the mission to get signed up. All missions‘ crew members and their roles become visible after login to the database. Usually, a data protocol needs to be signed first. The same HALO-DB account can be a member of several missions.

    Mission PIs and Admins may edit the HALO-DB page of their mission. They may implement a data protocol and determine access rights by adding registered users to their crew or revoke memberships. PIs may assign Admin roles, and the PI role is granted by the database manager. Please contact halo-db[at]dlr.de if you want to make use of HALO-DB, but a site for your mission has not been created by default.