Future HALO science missions

HALO science missions 2022 and onwards

For more detailed information on the HALO missions listed below, please follow the link underlying the mission acronym in the first table column.

Mission nameScience topicTime period
(from - to)
Airport basePrincipal Investigator(s)
(Mission coordinator)​
ASCCIArctic Springtime Chemistry Climate InvestigationsJanuary –
April 2025
Andreas Engel
(Univ. Frankfurt),
Björn-Martin Sinnhuber
AEROCLOUDAircraft aerosol effects on high and low clouds
CAFE-PacificChemistry of the Atmosphere: Field Experiment over the PacificOctober 2023 –
March 2024
Jos Lelieveld
Joachim Curtius
(Univ. Frankfurt)
CoMet 2.0 TropicCarbon Dioxide and Methane Mission for HALO 2.0 TropicsAndreas Fix
ConvERSEConvective Gravity Waves: Excitation, Redistribution,
Saturation & Evaluation
(Cape Verde)
Andreas Dörnbrack
EC-TOOCTropical Oceans and Organized ConvectionChrist Church
Markus Rapp
Lutz Hirsch
HALO CircleCircumpolar survey of greenhouse gas fluxesAndreas Fix
(New Zeeland)
Mira Pöhlker
NAWDICNorth Atlantic Waveguide,
Dry Intrusion, and Downstream Impact Campaign
Christian Grams
PHILEASProbing High Latitude Export of air
from the Asian Summer Monsoon
Peter Hoor
(Univ. Mainz)
Martin Riese
(FZ Jülich)
WAVEGUIDEgravity waves in polar night jettbdKiruna
Bernd Kaifler